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Teen fatally shot near Rogers Park McDonald's ID'd

Thursday, February 06, 2014
Teen fatally shot near Rogers Park McDonalds IDd Teen fatally shot near Rogers Park McDonalds IDd

A teenage boy was killed and three others were injured in a shooting at a McDonald's parking lot in Rogers Park.

Chicago police say Markeyo Carr, 17, of the 6500 block of North Ashland Avenue, was fatally shot in the parking lot at Pratt Boulevard and Clark Street on the North Side about 3:40 p.m. by a masked gunman who exchanged words with a group of teens Wednesday. Carr collapsed in a nearby driveway after being shot in the head.

His family said he was an A-and-B student and an aspiring musician. He was a junior at Amundsen High School, where students and staff are coping with the loss.

A 14-year-old girl was shot several times. She made her way inside the McDonald's, presumably to hide, and was found in the bathroom. She is hospitalized in serious condition. She was taken from St. Francis Hospital in Evanston to Lurie Children's Hospital.

Two other teenagers were also wounded. One is in serious condition at a local hospital with a wound to his back; the second teen was hit in his arm. Both were in serious condition.

Police say two of the three male victims have gang affiliations.

Faye McCoy was getting her taxes done across the street when the retired nurse heard the gunshots.

"I just knew somebody was shot. I looked over there, I went over there, and the young man is dead. And I end up knowing his mom. He's not a gang banger," McCoy said. "He had been shot in the temple. He died, took his last breath, with me standing there."

It isn't clear if there were multiple gunmen, but witnesses say they heard around six gunshots.

"About six. They weren't all together. There were two and two, and then one and one," witness Robert Congiusti said.

There is gang activity in the area, but Ceasefire said the organization recently brokered a treaty between rivals in the area. They said they believe gang activity had nothing to do with the shooting and that the young man involved was an innocent bystander.

Police have yet to comment on the motive behind the shooting.

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