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Horror at school

Friday, December 14, 2012
Bill Ritters daily take on the news.

Bill Ritter's daily take on the news.

What they must be feeling tonight - I just can't fathom. Those parents of the kids killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The horror of a shooting at the school, the fear when they rushed to the scene, the uncertainty of what they didn't know, and then the emotional cliff when they realized their kids were dead.

And those poor young children, the victims were all 5 to 10 years old - old enough to understand the loud bangs from the guns, old enough to understand gunshots, old enough to comprehend their friends and classmates getting killed, old enough to understand that they might - and then would - be next.

Damn I'm angry. And so filled with grief. Like all of you.

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I've talked to my children; I just wish I could hug them. Right now.

We'll have complete coverage of this horrific tragedy, tonight at 11. And we're finding out more about the gunman - law enforcement officials say he is 20 year old Adam Lanza, who killed his mother, a kindergarten teacher at the school, and the kids, and then, we suspect, himself. His older brother Ryan was at first named as the shooter, but that changed as our reporting unfolded.

Either way - from the town where the game "Scrabble" was invented, the only words that come to mind are horrific, sorrowful and heartbreaking.


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