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  • 7 on your side unclaimed funds
  • Every year, millions in unclaimed funds are turned over to the state, but first, companies are supposed to try and distribute money to its rightful owner or heirs.
money, unclaimed money, 7 on your side, nina pineda
  • 7 on your side nina pineda
  • Two billion dollars is the amount of unclaimed funds waiting for New Yorkers living in Sandy impacted areas. Some of the money is sitting in old bank accounts, stocks, even gift cards!
unclaimed money, superstorm sandy, 7 on your side, nina pineda
  • eyewitness news new york
  • Millions of people in our area are owed billions of dollars that have gone unclaimed.
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  • Every day, money is abandoned and turned over to the state.
unclaimed money, 7 on your side, nina pineda