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  • 7 on your side: Best buys in March
  • 7 On Your Side has a look at what to buy and what to skip this month.
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  • john sampson
  • If you store sensitive information on your smart phone, losing track of it could spell disaster. A just-released survey by Consumer Reports projects more than 7 million smart-phone owners had a phone that was lost, stolen, or ruined in the last year.
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  • tips for protecting yourself on your smartphone
  • How many times have you lost or misplaced your smart phone?
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  • Matt Kozar reports on the long line of Apple iPhone customers.
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  • Smart phones don't take close-ups or wide-angle shots. New add-on lenses aim to change that.
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  • Smartphones can help you stay connected, but they may not be the smartest thing for keeping you calm.
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  • Consumer Reports tested some of the latest GPS apps for your smart phone.
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  • Michelle Charlesworth reports
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  • Lisa Colagrossi reports
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