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  • dogs euthanized
  • The owners are furious and heartbroken and have now filed a lawsuit against the local animal shelter in Uniondale.
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  • patrick the dog
  • Phil Lipof has more
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  • pitbull shot in paterson
  • Stacey Sager reports from Paterson
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  • misty the pit bull
  • Misty was rescued by city students after suffering serious injuries while being used as a bait dog to train pit bulls to fight.
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  • A Staten Island pit bull shot and wounded by police trying to break up a dog fight has thousands of online friends.
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  • police forced to open fire after dog attack
  • One of the dogs had bitten a person's hand. Eyewitnesses say that the animal was a pit bull, and several people tell Eyewitness News that they heard between three and four shots.
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  • A pit bull came to the rescue of a woman with Alzheimer's who had gotten lost and fell down in the snow.
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  • Police say the dogs escaped a fenced-in yard in Uniondale late Friday afternoon and ended up chasing a group of children.
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  • Nassau County police are on the lookout for two pit bulls that attacked four people in separate incidents on Long Island Tuesday.
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  • Authorities in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey are looking for the person who abandoned four pit bulls in the Port Reading section.
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