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Frida Kahlo, Her Photos is a rare look at the personal life of the most famous Mexican female artist through her private photos.
See why it took 40 years to get the story of Cesar Chavez to the big screen and a look inside Frida Kahlo's personal life.
  • The Bachelor star Juan Pablo is on a journey to find love. He talks to Alysha Del Valle about all the women in his life right now.
  • "The Bachelor" sweeps ABC7's Alysha Del Valle off her feet, plus how East L.A. changed American music forever.
  • Vista L.A. host Danny Romero talks with Art Hernandez, an artist who worked on Disneys Planes.
  • Vista L.A. catches up with Latinos in entertainment, including a Disney film artist -- plus a tribute to Lupe Ontiveros.

Vista L.A.

Vista L.A., hosted by Jovana Lara and Danny Romero, airs Sundays at 11:30 a.m.
It really surprised me. I was thinking about how the economy was; I didn't think [YOLA] would be giving out free music lessons.

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